Owning a boat means a constant commitment to upkeep and maintenance. It is crucial to keep up with small boat care tasks, or else inevitable problems with quickly mount up and your boat will be falling to pieces before you know it. A small problem if left unsolved can cause other problems to arise, and it won’t be long before it gets out of hand. At Sport Phillip Marine we supply everything you need for all those essential marine care tasks. As well as tools, repair kits, cleaners and sealants, we stock boat parts and fittings as replacements and spares. You can’t underestimate the importance of keeping on top of boat maintenance, so it is important to be well prepared for all types of tasks and repairs.

F/glass cleaning

Acids, phosphoric, oxalic, hydrochloric


Polyglow, polymers

Abrasive polishessilicones, teflons and other synthetics

Timber cleaning

bleaches, napisan, oxalic acid

Perspex Cleaning

Abrasive – brasso

Mild – Toothpaste

Vessel Cleaning: Alternatives to Toxic Products



Bleach Borax
Detergent & Soap Elbow grease
Scouring Powders Baking soda, or rub area with one-half lemon dipped in borax, then rinse
General Cleaner Baking soda and vinegar, or lemon juice combined with borax paste
Floor Cleaner One cup vinegar in 2 gallons of water
Window Cleaner One cup vinegar + 1 qt. warm water. Rinse and squeegee
Aluminum Cleaner 2 Tbsp. cream of tartar + 1 qt. of hot water
Brass Cleaner Worcestershire sauce, or paste made of equal amounts of salt, vinegar and water
Copper Cleaner Lemon juice and water, or paste of lemon juice, salt, and flour
Chrome Cleaner/Polish Apple cider vinegar to clean; baby oil to polish
Stainless Steel Cleaner Baking soda or mineral oil for polishing, vinegar to remove spots
Fiberglass Stain Remover Baking soda paste
Mildew Remover Paste with equal amounts of lemon juice and salt, or white vinegar and salt
Drain Opener Dissemble or use plumber’s snake, or flush with boiling water + one-quarter cup baking soda + one-quarter cup vinegar
Wood Polish Olive or almond oil (interior walls only)
Hand Cleaner Baby oil or margarine
Head & Shower Baking soda; brush thoroughly
Rug/Upholstery Cleaner Dry corn starch sprinkled on; vacuum